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The GEOSS Portal is an online map-based user interface which allows users to discover and access Earth observation data and resources from different providers from all over the world.

The portal is implemented and operated by the European Space Agency and provides a single internet discovery and access point to the ever-growing quantities of heterogeneous collections of Earth observations from satellites, airplanes, drones and in-situ sensors at global, regional and local scales through the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS).

The GEOSS is a social and software ecosystem connecting a large array of observing systems, data systems and processing services to strengthen monitoring of the state of the Earth. It facilitates data and information accessibility and interoperability to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) agenda and the Disaster Risk Reduction.

The GEOSS Platform is the cornerstone around which the GEOSS software ecosystem is implemented. The GEOSS Platform is the “glueware” that enables the connection and coordination of the many autonomous and multi-organizational systems and services contributing to GEOSS.

The figure above provides an overview of the GEOSS Platform and its main components:

The GEOSS Portal.

The GEO Discovery and Access Broker (GEO DAB) is the primary mechanism by which all data and information is discovered and accessed. The GEO DAB implements the necessary mediation and harmonization services through Application Program Interfaces (APIs). These APIs allow data providers to share resources without having to make major changes to their technology or standards.

The GEOSS Yellow pages service implements the simplified registration process for new Data Providers.

The GEOSS Service Status Checker is the component, developed by USGS/FGDC and integrated into the GEO DAB, which aims at improving user experience by providing information on Reliability of Services. The Status Checker is an automatic mechanism to monitor, diagnose and alert data providers and users on the Health status of the web services provided by the GEOSS Platform.

In addition to the above described main components of the Platform, GEOSS offers the so-called Reuse Components to serve the specificities of the various user communities. This means that user communities, which might have their own data, portals and corresponding specific needs, can reuse some of the GEOSS Platform components customized and tailored to their specific requirements.

The Reuse Components are:

  • The GEOSS View, which provides access to a subset of specifically defined GEOSS resources using temporal, thematic and spatial criteria;
  • The GEOSS APIs, which expose the discovery and access functionalities of the GEO DAB and as such can be exploited by user communities’ client applications or portals;
  • The GEOSS Mirror is a GEOSS Portal site customisation for SBAs, Flagships, Initiatives, and Communities. The customisation better serves the specific community interests by filtering catalogues and search results by a specific theme or GEO DAB view, location of interest, etc.;
  • The GEOSS Widget is a freely-available instantiation of selected GEOSS Portal widgets made available for possible customization in various areas of application (e.g. a specific SBA, Initiatives, etc.). This is accomplished by publishing portal code parts (widgets) wrapped up in API.


The GEOSS Portal and the GEOS DAB evolved thanks to ESA-EC collaboration and have become more user-centric. Different developments are already available from the Operational Portal which is basically focused on discovery and access to data, others are provided as proof of concept in a development portal which is moving towards handling information and services to provide users with the possibility to acquire knowledge and take well-informed decisions.

Follow this link https://prezi.com/view/Z68hB3z0c2d95hdKLSGh/ to have a number of scenarios at your fingertips.


Send an email to GEOSS Portal Team for any further clarification or feedback.


Current version

The GEOSS Portal has been updated  for a more intuitive and fluid user experience.

The main updates and functionalities are listed below:

  • Updated advanced search panel;
  • Updated data results page layout;
  • GEOSS View self-definition and use (available in MyWorkSpace after sign-in);
  • History navigation;
  • Instant feedback.

Version: 3.6.7
Publication date: 15.09.2020

  • [GPE-1796] - Search Mechanism should include description
  • Fix [GPE-1896] - Issues using geoportal.org from IE
  • Fix [GPE-1907] - GTN-H Community portal has no default view associated anymore
  • Fix [GPE-1909] - Subviews are not present in the mirror sites
  • Fix [GPE-1910] - Entering coordinates manually on Firefox does not work correctly
  • Fix [GPE-1923] - Popular search odd behaviour on oper
  • Fix [GPE-1924] - Depth smart Filter for earthquake events does not work

Version: 3.6.6
Publication date: 03.09.2020

  • [GPE-1713] - Bulk-download from multiple sources
  • [GPE-1832] - Add loader while layer is loading
  • [GPE-1822] - [Graphic Update] About Page
  • [GPE-1823] - [Graphic Update] Yellow Pages
  • [GPE-1824] - [Graphic Update] Pop Up Windows
  • [GPE-1825] - [Graphic Update] Sign In Page
  • [GPE-1826] - [Graphic Update] Statistic Page
  • [GPE-1840] - [Graphic Update] Pages Terms&Conditions, Widget Instsallatino, Popular Searches
  • Fix [GPE-1704] - Newly registered user email bad format
  • Fix [GPE-1842] - Bulk download issues
  • Fix [GPE-1845] - Support click log type "download" for GA on all download actions
  • Fix [GPE-1895] - Getting resource by target ID results in backend error
  • Fix [GPE-1897] - Issue with Sharing a result

Version: 3.6.5
Publication date: 14.05.2020

  • [GPE-1289] - Provide a way to look at the quick Instant Feedback content
  • [GPE-1722] - ECV community portal nam and logo
  • [GPE-1786] - Display community logo on all pages when user switches to a community
  • [GPE-1276] - Layer icon change on the layers handling
  • [GPE-1258] - Take a tour content
  • [GPE-1679] - See Also
  • [GPE-1700] - Move page headers to portlet
  • [GPE-1707] - [FE] Add See Also bar at the bottom of the page
  • [GPE-1714] - GEOSS NESTED Views - User interface behaviour and interaction with the DAB
  • [GPE-1715] - GEOSS View "DBAR Focus Area" and nested views
  • [GPE-1716] - GWP/DAB text searches
  • [GPE-1820] - SEO Provide proper description tag
  • Fix [GPE-1749] - Arrow keys in searchbar doesn't work
  • Fix [GPE-1781] - Restore DAB endpoint configuration for specific community site
  • Fix [GPE-1794] - Searches in DBAR Community cause error
  • Fix [GPE-1833] - There is no option for custom download

Version: 3.6.4
Publication date: 10.02.2020

  • GPE-1268 - User saved search in MyWorkspace: possibility to rename
  • GPE-1360 - Thesaurus
  • GPE-1473 - Change opensearch endpoint to updated version
  • GPE-1493 - Implement simple map algebra functions on layers uploaded to the map
  • GPE-1526 - Wms layers provide info or legend when hovering/clicking on the map
  • GPE-1573 - Display the attribute values from a WMS layer
  • GPE-1658 - Parse basic information from SV ServiceIdentification responses
  • GPE-1661 - Prepare appropriate Menu items for release 3.6.4
  • GPE-1692 - Add permissions for Menu items for Mirror Site administrator
  • GPE-903 - Add icon to pop up message (Tour) - UX
  • GPE-1047 - Single layer directly loaded into the map
  • GPE-1452 - Improve performance of autocomplete
  • GPE-1560 - Compare layers function common to layers
  • GPE-1571 - Delete account link is to close to Change button
  • GPE-1646 - lower transparency of the result tiles
  • GPE-1647 - increase readability of descriptions
  • GPE-1685 - Make layer legend clickable
  • GPE-1751 - Improve performance of bookmarked results
  • GPE-1082 - Popular searches
  • GPE-1083 - Your saved searches
  • GPE-1456 - Saved Bookmarks/ Geos likes - improvements
  • GPE-1495 - Extend autocomplete
  • GPE-1579 - Map legend visibility fix
  • GPE-1656 - Please add Russian language
  • GPE-1052 - Fix my workspace (saved runs, searches and bookmark)
  • Fix GPE-964 - My Bookmarked Results issues
  • Fix GPE-1200 - Sharing doesn't work in My Workspace
  • Fix GPE-1229 - Publishing saved search not working
  • Fix GPE-1325 - Time picker after clear does not trigger apply/cancel buttons
  • Fix GPE-1483 - Incorrect icon for Success message
  • Fix GPE-1486 - Sentinel 2A footprints not present
  • Fix GPE-1487 - Landsat 8 expand collection error on console
  • Fix GPE-1488 - Pagination failure during Sentinel 2A (or others) browsing
  • Fix GPE-1496 - Handle invalid/not working user defined DAB endpoint
  • Fix GPE-1513 - Restore map in Resource Details window
  • Fix GPE-1514 - Footprints are not displayed correctly
  • Fix GPE-1527 - Legend layer is not updating properly while toggling the layers
  • Fix GPE-1535 - Showing JSON as an error message when no results are found
  • Fix GPE-1537 - Smart filters for sentinel that do not go away
  • Fix GPE-1540 - Text goes over the window (Resourec details - ther)
  • Fix GPE-1561 - Reported by a data provider (DLR) - problem on Temporal extent and Organisation
  • Fix GPE-1563 - Translation issues
  • Fix GPE-1568 - Polish translation issues
  • Fix GPE-1585 - Incorrect language label shown
  • Fix GPE-1587 - Problem with swithing language
  • Fix GPE-1590 - Custom download - id not found
  • Fix GPE-1598 - No menu on "other-pages"
  • Fix GPE-1609 - Fix WYSWIG editor and style help desk again
  • Fix GPE-1619 - No background for WYSWIG editor
  • Fix GPE-1621 - Basemap covers bboxes
  • Fix GPE-1622 - Map in Resource Details presents only bounding boxes
  • Fix GPE-1624 - Empty response for USGS Earthquakes
  • Fix GPE-1625 - Add bounding box shuffling mechanism
  • Fix GPE-1628 - Your saved searches - Share should start from capital letter
  • Fix GPE-1629 - Geos likes page shouldn't be visible for not logged users
  • Fix GPE-1630 - Geos views - should be login page for not logged users
  • Fix GPE-1634 - Send feedback - don't change color when hovered
  • Fix GPE-1636 - Create account - missing translations (PL)
  • Fix GPE-1637 - About password - doubled bullets
  • Fix GPE-1638 - My account settings - organization not translated to PL
  • Fix GPE-1639 - My workspace - Settings - 3 words not translated to PL
  • Fix GPE-1642 - Problem with share and bookmark adding
  • Fix GPE-1644 - Popup - save confirmation - translation not grammar (PL)
  • Fix GPE-1662 - Inaccessible icons in layers menu

Publication date: 02.09.2019

  • GPE-1450 - Change dab endpoint to the new one
  • GPE-1444 - Add EuroGEO view id to thematic areas
  • Fix GPE-1449 - Missing favico icon on geoportal.org

Version: 3.6.3
Publication date: 10.07.2019

  • GPE-1113 - Migration to https
  • GPE-949 - API with search information
  • GPE-1042 - Facebook button
  • GPE-1309 - Take a tour url endpoint in the configuration
  • GPE-917 - Create CRUD API for My Workspace
  • GPE-1059 - Total number of results missing
  • GPE-1271 - Return Google Analytics ID from configuration
  • GPE-1297 - Split survey endpoint to environments
  • GPE-1298 - Add survey to MyWorkspace
  • GPE-1374 - Login page - can not choose "Remember me"
  • GPE-1072 - Export as pdf/csv not visible on statistics page
  • Fix GPE-1225 - Filters not saved
  • Fix GPE-1232 - Some quick survey questions are not available in Polish
  • Fix GPE-1235 - Bookmarded Results: No Logo for empty pictures
  • Fix GPE-1237 - Bookmarked Results: Logo Geoss cut for long title
  • Fix GPE-1242 - Hide tooltips option in settings
  • Fix GPE-1246 - Statistic - disorder on mobile
  • Fix GPE-1247 - Menu on mobile for logged user is not full visible and can not be scrolled
  • Fix GPE-1252 - Statistics - overlapped dates
  • Fix GPE-1259 - AOI - after smart filter specification - reset the filters
  • Fix GPE-1340 - Missing data from survey fields
  • Fix GPE-1149 - Share on Linked In - invalid link
  • Fix GPE-1170 - Delete account - pop-up window not visible
  • Fix GPE-1213 - Translations are not working
  • Fix GPE-1219 - Translations - switching between pages sets the translation back to english

Version: 3.6.2
Publication date: 10.06.2019

  • GPE-1239 - Front - Show site name from API
  • GPE-1270 - [mobile] Icons hide under map attribution
  • GPE-1275 - The layer legend shall appear by default (like for an earthquake event)
  • GPE-1297 - Split survey endpoint to environments
  • GPE-1303 - Hide legend when is not available
  • Fix GPE-847 - Online resources doesn't work in Metadata
  • Fix GPE-904 - On the yellow page tiles are not in margin (GUI)
  • Fix GPE-974 - Service Health has different value than on UAT and prod
  • Fix GPE-1007 - Backednd error pop up - issues [mobile]
  • Fix GPE-1121 - Crate account - Can not verify Email Address
  • Fix GPE-1130 - Terms of use styling
  • Fix GPE-1152 - [mobile-iphone] Advanced filter – Earth observation catalogs – Popup window doesn’t look good after choose any option on from the list
  • Fix GPE-1207 - Uat- Help Desk page style disordered
  • Fix GPE-1217 - [mobile] Xiomi Redmi S2 bugs
  • Fix GPE-1230 - Restore basemap from bookmark or saved/popular search
  • Fix GPE-1231 - Fix restoring filters from saved/popular search
  • Fix GPE-1241 - [RWD] resources that can be loaded on map layout does not look good
  • Fix GPE-1244 - About page on mobile issue
  • Fix GPE-1257 - After choose in bounding box higlihted result is not always visible
  • Fix GPE-1266 - Cloud Coverage Slider (for satelites) don't work for click in
  • Fix GPE-1267 - Filter list out of the filter when scrolling
  • Fix GPE-1273 - [mobile-xiaomi redmi s2] Layers names not optimal (a letter per line)
  • Fix GPE-1274 - [mobile-xiaomi redmi s2] Time criteria labels shortcuts overlapping
  • Fix GPE-1327 - Invisible apply/cancel bar

Publication date: 29.05.2019

  • GPE-1239 - Front - Show site name from API
  • GPE-1270 - [mobile] Icons hide under map attribution
  • GPE-1271 - Return Google Analytics ID from configuration
  • GPE-1275 - The layer legend shall appear by default (like for an earthquake event)
  • GPE-1270 - [mobile] Icons hide under map attribution
  • GPE-948 - API with user information
  • GPE-949 - API with search information
  • GPE-1044 - Create account
  • Fix GPE-847 - Online resources doesn't work in Metadata
  • Fix GPE-904 - On the yellow page tiles are not in margin (GUI)
  • Fix GPE-974 - Service Health has different value than on UAT and prod
  • Fix GPE-1121 - Crate account - Can not verify Email Address
  • Fix GPE-1130 - Terms of use styling
  • Fix GPE-1152 - [mobile-iphone] Advanced filter – Earth observation catalogs – Popup window doesn’t look good after choose any option on from the list
  • Fix GPE-1206 - Uat - Different font style on About page
  • Fix GPE-1207 - Uat- Help Desk page style disordered
  • Fix GPE-1230 - Restore basemap from bookmark or saved/popular search
  • Fix GPE-1231 - Fix restoring filters from saved/popular search
  • GPE-1257 - After choose in bounding box higlihted result is not always visible

Publication date: 22.05.2019

  • GPE-1270 - [mobile] Icons hide under map attribution
  • Fix GPE-1269 - Statistics are not working on production
  • Fix GPE-1233 - Saved search default name
  • Fix GPE-1155 - [mobile- iphone] Iris filter - Magnitude Type list is not full visible and cannot be scrolled down

Version: 3.6.1
Publication date: 21.05.2019

  • Fix GPE-1222 - UX - inside folder result is opens partly hide under filter
  • Fix GPE-1215 - Map is not centered on AOI
  • Fix GPE-1248 - Show raw metadata function not present anymore from a resource detail
  • Fix GPE-1253 - Slider on advanced search not cause Apply/ Clear
  • Fix GPE-1190 - Advanced Filrer - Content&Country - Zambia/Zimbabwe don't work correctly
  • Fix GPE-1224 - Earthquake events - slider filters not set from URL
  • Fix GPE-1255 - WMS titles are overlapping
  • Fix GPE-1265 - There is too much space next to WMS titles
  • Fix GPE-1214 - Filtering without applying can block frontend

Version: 3.6
Publication date: 16.05.2019

  • GPE-986 - Hide/remove w3w location selection
  • GPE-987 - url navigation, backward, forward
  • GPE-988 - Removal/changes of the icons according to the mockups
  • GPE-989 - Granula/drill down navigation
  • GPE-997 - Change pagination style
  • GPE-998 - Change style of expandable resources
  • GPE-999 - Create start screen with three entry points
  • GPE-1001 - Change autocomplete style according to mockups
  • GPE-1011 - Change pagination style on Yellow Pages (style should be the same on all Geoss pages)
  • GPE-1013 - Remove switching between two types of presentation
  • GPE-1014 - Change initial screen
  • GPE-1015 - In advanced filters geolocation should be chosen as a default
  • GPE-1016 - Change order of advanced filters
  • GPE-1020 - Change the visualisation of the root folder
  • GPE-1021 - Change filters visualisation
  • GPE-1022 - Change full screen icon
  • GPE-1023 - Draggable search container
  • GPE-1025 - Popup animation
  • GPE-1026 - CR_Services open interface to save and retrieve runs
  • GPE-1031 - Change "Read more information" simply with "See more"
  • GPE-1034 - Remove the search feature in the list of type of geographical location
  • GPE-1036 - Change filters presentation
  • GPE-1066 - Redesign filters
  • GPE-1069 - Add accept/cancel button to advanced filters on splash screen
  • GPE-1084 - Show notification for not logged in users on the service
  • GPE-1088 - Display notification when accessing runs tab as not logged in user
  • GPE-1165 - Adjust bookmarks and saved runs pages to the latest changes
  • GPE-1173 - Move to configuration geoss view endpoints
  • GPE-1182 - Link user views to thematic areas
  • GPE-1188 - Add community portal logos to configuration
  • GPE-1193 - Show geoss views in my workspace
  • GPE-1195 - Change texts of new version available
  • GPE-1198 - Fix the urls and buttons on bookmarks page
  • GPE-1201 - Add site name and url to API
  • GPE-1204 - Logo sometimes is missing
  • GPE-939 - Icons improvement
  • GPE-960 - Make smaller spaces between the fields
  • GPE-982 - G+ share button can be deleted
  • GPE-1046 - Rate the resource with one click
  • GPE-1136 - Scrolling results and filter ribbon minimised and always at the top
  • GPE-1035 - Quick Survey Update
  • GPE-1111 - Realign time bar selection (slider) everywhere (smart filters)
  • GPE-1124 - Instant feedback frequency: just one per day

Historical versions

Publication date: 11.07.2018
  • Fix GPE-582 - Fix invalid date format - kibana
  • Fix GPE-552 - Yellow page web link not correct
  • Fix GPE-334 - iPad frontend issues
  • GPE-525 - Handle Mapbox quota limit
  • GPE-576 - Change the look of the search result filters
Version: 3.4.2
Publication date: 08.06.2018
  • Fix GPE-573 - Now way to select to the AtlantOS view, always AmeriGEOSS
  • Fix GPE-569 - Bookmarked results show no map in MyWorkspace
  • Fix GPE-555 - first query for earthquake is not valid
  • Fix GPE-563 - Info dialog does not present map any more
  • Fix GPE-542 - The legend makes the layer icon unaccessible
  • Fix GPE-518 - Back End Error - when accessing any resources
  • Fix GPE-533 - problem with drill down on mirror site with selected view
  • GPE-543 - The legend shall be detachable and/or movable subwindow
  • GPE-454 - AmeriGEOSS Community Data Profile
  • GPE-493 - Essential Variables Community Data Profile
  • GPE-577 - Please correct the text in the popup
  • GPE-568 - The defualt view (in thematical areas) on every mirror site
  • GPE-494 DBAR Community Data Profile
  • GPE-537 GEOSS View creation: AmeriGEOSS Community
  • GPE-538 GEOSS View creation: AtlantOS Community
  • GPE-558 GEOSS View Sustainable Caucasus available for the GEO-GNOME
  • GPE-517 Create dictionary handler in JS
  • GPE-564 GDPR popup
  • GPE-566 Consent
  • GPE-579 change the menu item "Mirror Sites" to Community Portals
  • GPE-499 EnviDAT Community Data Profile
  • GPE-502 GEOSS View creation: Essential Variables Community
  • GPE-504 GTN-H Community Data Profile
  • GPE-526 Create language properties files for Java
  • GPE-532 AtlantOS mirror site
  • GPE-546 Default mirror site view - list of views in geoss configuration tab
  • GPE-547 Default mirror site view - list of views with the default option in geoss configuration tab
  • GPE-548 Default mirror site view - mechanism for marking a default view on the frontend
  • GPE-560 Default mirror site view - mechanism for hiding/unhiding views
  • GPE-553 Create a GEOSS view on the Sustainable Caucasus catalogue
  • GPE-568 The defualt view (in thematical areas) on every mirror site
Version: 3.4.1
Publication date: 26.04.2018
  • Fix GPE-473 - Bad Request inserting a refine temporal criteria on a China GEOSS Collection
  • Fix GPE-516 - Make 'No preview resource available' look better
  • Fix GPE-496 - Empty catalog - BBox is always set
  • Fix GPE-465 - ENERGIC-OD bug for Sentinel2 records
  • Fix GPE-513 - geo POI translated to :undefined
  • Fix GPE-514 - Solve bounding box crossing date change line
  • GPE-536 - No resource available - image
  • GPE-483 - Mechanism for key generation
  • GPE-488 - Create page with installation instructions for widget
  • GPE-485 - CORS changes
  • GPE-487 - Add page to CORS whitelist
  • GPE-515 - Set the proper viewid on the gos4m mirror site
  • GPE-528 - getLegendGraphic call from source service
  • GPE-512 - Return from mirror sites to geoportal.org
  • GPE-503 - S3 Satellite smart filters
Version: 3.4
Publication date: 20.12.2017
  • GPE-322 - Lack of scrollbar of the Selector Options on lower resolution
  • GPE-137 - optimising margins on mobile devices
  • GPE-217 - hide "more option" popup when choosing option
  • GPE-431 - Prototype statistics visualisation page
Version: 3.3.2
Publication date: 30.11.2017
  • Fix GPE-218 - next / prev shall not alter the search collection
  • Fix GPE-392 - Smart specialised filters reset standard faceted filters
  • Fix GPE-469 - YP - SBA Energy and Mineral Resource Management not active
  • Fix GPE-472 - Shared search does not record specialised filtering criteria
  • Fix GPE-479 - Shared earthquake event not restored with its original associated visualisation
  • GPE-405 - Add opacity regulation to bounding boxes
  • GPE-110 - Toggling on/off the interface in full map mode
  • GPE-480 - Remove the GEO Like icon
Version: 3.3.1
Publication date: 17.11.2017
  • Fix #GPE-463 - disappearing basemap
  • Fix #GPE-462 - MyWorkspace content lost
  • Fix #GPE-364 - Missing separator line
  • GPE-452 - Load a WMS coming from KML: the map should zoom to the extent
  • GPE-445 - scoring filtering - new field in database
  • GPE-441 - Propose API and flow for GWP-DAB integration
  • GPE-419 - Share each individual provider from the Yellow Pages
  • GPE-121 - Display shapefiles on the map
  • GPE-108 - Improved handling errors from other SW
Version: 3.3
Publication date: 17.10.2017
  • Fix #GPE-353 - Unavailable closing button
  • Fix #GPE-359 - Excessing scroll buttons on IRIS
  • Fix #GPE-360 - Unavailable search bar on IRIS event
  • Fix #GPE-370 - Search & Discover Panel out of edge when using smart filters and avanced search criteria
  • Fix #GPE-434 - Handle WMS version 1.3.0
  • Fix #GPE-444 - Searchbox overflow
  • Fix #GPE-446 - Cut dropdown list on EO Catalog
  • Fix #GPE-449 - scroll does not appear after first search
  • GPE-413 - In the YP, Is there any way to have the logo of the data providers with the same size?
  • GPE-450 - Download manager for custom downloads
  • GPE-169 - Implement the download customisation interface exposed by the DAB
  • GPE-118 - Drag-and-drop interactions with the map
  • GPE-458 - Change the mapping of the status checker
  • GPE-456 - Remove checbox on the left from "SCORE"
  • GPE-455 - Rename the faceted filter SCORE
  • GPE-443 - scoring filtering
  • GPE-440 - Server authorization for Google Statistics
  • GPE-433 - Error feedback sheet link
  • GPE-432 - Detailed error message
  • GPE-430 - ENERGIC-OD CDP raw data link change
  • GPE-429 - ENERGIC-OD CDP center the landing page
  • GPE-424 - ENERGIC-OD Community Data Profile
  • GPE-404 - Add new hamburger menu position - mirror sites
  • GPE-361 - Layers redesign
  • GPE-202 - Information about data resources linked from the results
Version: 3.2.2
Publication date: 04.08.2017
  • Fix GPE-428 - no search bar after loading new version of geoportal.org
  • GPE-423 - Browsing rated results in my workspace
  • GPE-421 - Back-end function to update EO Catalogs and Thematical Areas
  • GPE-402 - Set a flag in the Layer Handling to show/unshow the mountains
  • GPE-397 - Collect full information on non-accessible resources - the link to the resource
  • GPE-380 - Load KML on the map
  • GPE-368 - iris legend
  • GPE-119 - Add a scale line on the map
Publication date: 24.07.2017
  • GPE-422 - Alert the user when the file is too big
  • GPE-416 - *Societal Benefit Areas* label shall be renamed to *Thematical Areas*
  • GPE-397 - Collect full information on non-accessible resources - the link to the resource
  • GPE-387 - load kmz files on the map
  • GPE-380 - Load KML on the map
  • GPE-343 - Provide internal GEO-like (ranking)
Version: 3.2.1
Publication date: 30.06.2017
  • Fix #GPE-399 - KMLs not loaded on map
  • Fix #GPE-373 - Failed to save a search with geolocation
  • GPE-414 - Log user agent to kibana
  • GPE-407 - Implement the DAB View Climate SBA
  • GPE-406 - View creation on Climate SBA
  • GPE-371 - Change the "GEO Data Core" labels (textual and graphic) with "GEOSS Data Core"
  • GPE-344 - Set up a test GWP instance which dynamically loads the DAB url
  • GPE-279 - GWP shall replace all the spaces of a search text by OR
  • GPE-415 - Upgrade OpenLayers to 4.x
Version: 3.2
Publication date: 05.06.2017
  • Fix #GPE-302 - Filtering by magnitude all or preferred clarification
  • Fix #GPE-394 - Search text suggestions backend response ordering
  • GPE-258 - On parsing geographical locations from the search terms inserted by the user
  • GPE-312 - Collect full information on non-accessible resources
Version: 3.1.2
Publication date: 29.05.2017
  • GPE-389 - load kml files on the map
  • GPE-390 - Adjust to IRIS catalog name change
  • GPE-331 - List of values to help the user in filling a search text
  • GPE-388 - new items from Dab add to the page
Version: 3.1.1
Publication date: 15.05.2017
  • Fix #GPE-374 - The "Show more metadata" button and functionality on the metadata of a resource disappeared
  • Fix #GPE-372 - Recent Views system doesn't work
  • Fix #GPE-367 - Facebook login not working
  • GPE-341 - Graphical interface
  • GPE-369 - Graphical interface rwd
  • GPE-366 - Graphical interface tuning
  • GPE-267 - Filters and visualization for IRIS events
  • GPE-356 - Implement saved search sharing
  • GPE-357 - Implement current search sharing
  • GPE-363 - Base map sharing with bookmark and search
Version: 3.1
Publication date: 19.04.2017
  • Fix #GPE-362 - Failed to save a refined search
  • Fix #GPE-358 - Term Frequencies not requested
  • Fix #GPE-355 - Next Page not working
  • Fix #GPE-350 - Next page bug on a FedEO collection
  • Fix #GPE-347 - A search cannot be saved if does not include a search text criteria
  • Fix #GPE-339 - A previously MyWorkspace bookmarked item hangs in an endless loop
  • Fix #GPE-337 - When loading a bookmarked item of MyWorkspace, the default basemap is set
  • GPE-335 - Add refinement filters to url parameters
Publication date: 14.04.2017
  • Fix #GPE-226 - Lack of smoothness
  • Fix #GPE-213 - Layers header not visible but accessible in Safari
  • Fix #GPE-268 - Lack of header on iPad
  • Fix #GPE-338 - A previosuly MyWorkspace saved search cannot be reloaded
  • Fix #GPE-339 - A previously MyWorkspace bookmarked item hangs in an endless loop
  • #GPE-160 - The textual result items and all the popups shall be handled as windows
  • #GPE-296 - Bookmarks and any result sharing
  • #GPE-256 - Multiple bboxes - Parsing coordinates in DAB response
  • #GPE-340 - Resizability and Movability on tablet
  • #GPE-220 - Add layers opacity slider
  • #GPE-183 - The textual result items and all the popups shall be handled as movable windows
  • #GPE-185 - The textual result items and all the popups shall be handled as resizable windows with scalable content
  • #GPE-295 - Display search and bookmark using URL parameters.
  • #GPE-335 - Add refinement filters to url parameters
  • #GPE-321 - Center map on entry or AOI
  • #GPE-326 - iPad issues connected to Movability and resizability
  • #GPE-316 - Empty resizable windows on Safari
  • #GPE-184 - The textual result items and all the popups shall be handled as resizable windows
Publication date: 28.03.2017
  • Fix #GPE-319 - Lack of Geolocation and Coordinates fields
  • #GPE-143 - information window on bbox right click
  • #GPE-305 - Implement the DAB View Water Resources Management SBA
  • #GPE-304 - View creation on Water Resources Management SBA
  • #GPE-327 - Query resource by targetId not always working
Publication date: 20.03.2017
  • Fix #GPE-306 - Text Verification field should be cleaned
  • Fix #GPE-297 - On UAT error on console when querying IRIS events
  • Fix #GPE-301 - Metadata related to Earthquake event mispointing
  • Fix #GPE-253 - Sometimes the Earth Observation Catalogues are duplicated
  • Fix #GPE-242 - Cleaning page number after applying filter
  • Fix #GPE-320 - From and To Date filters researching issues with IRIS
  • #GPE-317 - IRIS events filters: by default fill-in the start/stop time with the last 30 days
  • #GPE-292 - Confirming error with Enter key
  • #GPE-299 - Kibana shall log if the user logged in
  • #GPE-300 - Kibana shall log any transaction in MyWorkspace
  • #GPE-307 - Kibana ds_st field shall report all the terms used in one single search
  • #GPE-287 - kibana production, missing mapping parameters on indice "geoss_index"
  • #GPE-276 - Implement the concept of GEO DAB views
  • #GPE-310 - recreate dashboard on geoss_index_2
Publication date: 24.02.2017
  • Fix #GPE-223 - Incrementing Relative Orbit causes selecting part of the site
  • Fix #GPE-228 - Lack of Confirm button for choosing Relative Orbit value
  • Fix #GPE-229 - "Earth observations catalogs" as a value
  • Fix #GPE-242 - Cleaning page number after applying filter
  • Fix #GPE-283 - Saved filters after Drill up
  • Fix #GPE-284 - Clear button doesn't remove filter in drill down
  • Fix #GPE-285 - Validation of the Relative Orbit field
  • #GPE-289 - basic filters for iris events
  • #GPE-288 - kibana production, missing indice "logstash"
  • #GPE-287 - kibana production, missing mapping parameters on indice "geoss_index"
  • #GPE-207 - Any new search clears the layers loaded on the map
  • #GPE-274 - Resource name references
  • #GPE-271 - Statistics from Kibana: the log should report the geolocation (name) and not the bbox
  • #GPE-264 - Statistics from Kibana: ds_sources/ds_parents should report their textual values not the IDs
Publication date: 08.02.2017
  • Fix #GPE-247 - Clear Search button X does not clear landsat/sentinel criteria
  • Fix #GPE-227 - Month "2017-00-05"
  • Fix #GPE-253 - Sometimes the Earth Observation Catalogues are duplicated
  • Fix #GPE-250 - From and To Date filters researching issues
  • Fix #GPE-254 - Bounding boxes layer still present when loading WMS on map
  • Fix #GPE-248 - Strange bboxes from Sentinel 2
  • Fix #GPE-224 - Double error after selecting date in the future
  • Fix #GPE-225 - Double search after selecting "To" date
  • #GPE-217 - hide "more option" popup when choosing option
  • #GPE-212 - When a new version of the Portal is ready display a special splashscreen
  • #GPE-244 - On the clicking mechanism bounding-boxes/results
  • #GPE-207 - Any new search clears the layers loaded on the map
  • #GPE-265 - English to be changed in popup window "Problem querying resource provider"
  • #GPE-230 - GPE-232 Background map lost when clicking on the ShowOnMap icon of a particular resource
  • #GPE-211 - The Resources Details window shall display the complete metadata set
  • #GPE-266 - Cosmetic: English to be changed in "Here You can choose Your are of interest"
Publication date: 26.01.2017
  • Fix #GPE-239 - Repeating drawn AOI every 360 degrees
  • Fix #GPE-238 - AOI drawn on International Date Line
  • Fix #GPE-237 - Uncleaning coordinates after selecting "Draw AOI" button
  • Fix #GPE-234 - Unnecessary rectangular in advanced search
  • Fix #GPE-231 - AOI drawing bug
  • Fix #GPE-215 - errors on production console
  • Fix #GPE-208 - Manually clearing the geo-fields does not clear the bbox in the subsequent query
  • Fix #GPE-236 - Automatic drill down refinement is not cleared
  • #GPE-243 - Bounding boxes mechanic when loading a layer on the map
  • #GPE-200 - Collect information about resources user wanted to gather but link was not accessible
Version: 3.0.3
Publication date: 11.01.2017
  • Fix #GPE-221 - BBoxes covering whole map
  • #GPE-206 - Password requirements
  • #GPE-187 - Zoom out/ center when AOI drawn
  • #GPE-171 - Remove themes
  • #GPE-170 - Shorten the refine filters labels
  • #GPE-168 - Hide unavailable faceted searches
  • #GPE-122 - Drill down error couses coming back to main search
  • #GPE-97 - Click on the bounding box opens the related result item box
  • #GPE-27 - Search-results narrowed down to the current shown map
Version: 3.0.2
Publication date: 22.12.2016
  • Fix #GPE-204 - Sign in test case failed
  • Fix #GPE-176 - Clearing the geolocation puts geolocation on each field
  • Fix #GPE-175 - Clear button still does not clear all the fields
  • Fix #GPE-153 - Remove separator line at the end of results
  • Fix #GPE-138 - Dialog window title frozen
  • Fix #GPE-129 - Invalid Content Verification Mail
  • Fix #GPE-113 - Incorrectly saved position in the details pop-up
  • #GPE-198 - Move toggle button to the left side
  • #GPE-189 - Small changes in interface
  • #GPE-177 - Bboxes that cover (almost) whole earth should not be visible
  • #GPE-167 - One map option active at the time
  • #GPE-161 - RWD Improve the presentation of the field 'Earth Observations catalogs'
  • #GPE-147 - Change the icon (+) to (-) after adding the result to the 'Bookmarked Results'
  • #GPE-132 - RWD scrollable main menu
  • #GPE-124 - xMS retries and reloading of particular erroneous tiles
  • #GPE-75 - Selecting one or more Earth Observation Catalogs
Publication date: 07.12.2016
  • Fix #12286 - zoom out/center after search
  • Fix #12281 - Incorrect results' pagination
  • Fix #12268 - date truncation
  • Fix #11806 - the relative orbit
  • Fix #12110 - gelocation in themes and cataog
  • Fix #12147 - hyperlinks should ignore anchor value + hyperlinks
  • #12267 - general label change
  • #11467 - satellite data pubDatefom & pubDateuntil not respected
  • #11250 - WMS name all
Version: 3.0.1
Publication date: 22.11.2016
  • #11851 - Few adjustments on the header
  • Fix #11414 - Initial splash screen information & buttons
  • Fix #11624 - Wrong presentation of radiobuttonswith some browser
  • Fix #11519 - Clear button does not clear W3W pin and geoolocation selection
  • #11416 - bboxes switch hoover to click on
  • #11564 - Popular search key names for sentinel
  • #11545 - Landsat update
  • #11415 - Hide save icon for not logged in
  • #11852 - Data providers item
  • #11403 - Hide faceted parameters
  • #11536 - Turning on tooltips should clear cookie of tooltips
  • Fix #11486 - W3W localisation works one time a session
  • Fix #11540 - No possibility of removing geolocation after filter clear
  • Fix #11582 - Error message changes
  • Fix #11685 - Wrong action after result click
  • Fix #11546 - No icon change after clearing themes
  • Fix #11671 - Number of results: 1 when no data typed
  • Fix #11824 - Multiple AOIs drawn on the map
  • Fix #11821 - Roll and collapse loop
  • Fix #11806 - Relative orbit in the resource details
  • #12147 -Hyperlinks should ignore anchor value + hyperlinks
  • Fix #12225 - Search button clear red AOI chosen by advanced filters
  • Fix #12224 - Advanced criteria AOI does not clear manual AOI
Version: 3.0.0
Publication date: 27.10.2016
  • new version of geoportal.org